How do you change the world? Bring people together. Where is the easiest big place to bring people together? In the work environment.

Adam NeumannAmerican-Israeli Businessman


Here at Plug It, focus drives our customers
towards their daily goal.


Quality of service is our priority. So, we ensure every
customer is provided the comfort they need.


We don’t sell. We serve.
Giving quality customer experience is our core competence.

A haven for students and employees looking to burn the midnight oil in comfort.

Many people are not aware of what a co-working space is; mostly because the concept might seem pointless to some. “Why would I go to a co-working space when there are cafes?”

Well, cafes are meant for coffee enthusiasts. Secondly, there are a lot of distractions there. Not everyone goes there to study or work; some go to catch up with friends. At co-working spaces, everyone has the same goal in mind: to get some work done.

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We use premium local coffee beans. Yes, we support local farmers.
And yes, serving is UNLIMITED.

Get Connected

Connect to our internet service without worrying about any data capping and throttling.

Extend Your Energy

By providing plenty of power sockets, you woudn’t have to worry about losing your gadget’s juice.

Secure Belongings

We provide free use of lockers for everyone. Keep the peace of mind you need while you’re focusing on what matters.

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Great ambiance, perfect for studying and chilling. It will actually motivate you to study, rather than wasting time in a corner. Unli coffee tastes great. Unli apple iced tea tastes even better! Four thumbs up!

KR De Asis

Best place to study and finish your tasks. Super affordable and ganda ng quality of service. Owners are dedicated to helping students talaga!

Jeremiah Lopez

What a wonderful place to relax, study, review. The place is amazing with fast WIFI, plentiful sockets and delicious drinks. Great Job~

Josh De Vera

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2F 902 Saint Clare Homes Eloisa St.
Cor. España Blvd. Sampaloc, Manila

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